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Robert Drysdale ready for UFC debut, no regrets on Anderson Silva comments

Although he has been known for years as one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in the world, it was only recently that Robert Drysdale began expanding his horizons and competing in MMA.  So far, so good, as he has compiled a 6-0 record so far, with none of his opponents escaping the first round.

With all those wins coming by submission, it was only a matter of time before Dana White and the UFC came calling.  And so they have, putting Drysdale on their UFC 163 card which takes place in Rio de Janeiro, the Mecca for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Of course that makes sense not only because of his credentials which include first place in the Abu-Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships – Open Division, but also because Drysdale himself is half Brazilian.  Add that to the fact that their are six fighters now on the card that are former BJJ world champions, and it makes for a really interesting card, particularly for those who are fans of the ground game.

What makes Drysdale so great to talk to is that, besides being a great fighter, he is a great talker.  He doesn’t really believe in those canned interviews many fighters give.  He isn’t taking things “one fight at a time” and he most assuredly isn’t “just happy to be in the UFC.”  I mean, not that he isn’t, it’s just that he isn’t going to give those lame answers.

So after asking the basic questions about the fight, getting into the UFC, and what he thought of his first opponent, we decided to get to the good stuff.  And as usual, Drysdale had a lot to say.  Firstly, when asked about Anderson Silva, he still has no regrets over the words he has spoken previously about the middleweight champion.  He goes on to add that now that they are in the same organization, he would love the opportunity to test his skills against one of the best ever.  And since Anderson makes the occasional trip up in weight class, there is always the possibility.  Particularly if there is a little bad blood thrown in the mix.

Next, we tackled Jon Jones.  Champion in the division Drysdale competes, it is obvious that he hopes to one day get a crack at the talented fighter who has just one “loss” on his resume.  And although he certainly respects Jones as a fighter, it’s great that he also points out that there a weaknesses in his game that he hopes to exploit if given the chance.

Having Drysdale in the UFC is going to be great for business.  If his ability as an MMA fighter stands up to the test (and so far, he has mowed through his competition), there are so many great possibilities in store for him.  There will be more than a couple guys who will want a crack at him.  Not because he is cocky or arrogant, but because when you ask Robert Drysdale a question, you are going to get an unfiltered, honest answer.  That is something that is hard for a lot of fighters to take.

Light the fireworks begin.

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